Orationes Dublinienses Selectae II 1990 - 2002
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Orationes Dublinienses Selectae II 1990 - 2002
Orations at Commencements for honorary degrees at Trinity College Dublin
Author: John Victor Luce
Published: Apr 2004
Pages: 254   (paperback)
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ISBN: 0-9528236-4-0
The scroll handed to recipients of a University degree, honoris causa, is somewhat akin to the crown of laurel placed on the head of victors in the ancient Olympic games. It is the visible token of the academic community's respect for outstanding achievement and superior merit.

When the Public Orator presents the honorary graduands to the Senate of Dublin University, he is expected to rehearse their merits and signalise their achievements in a short oration. These citations often have quite an archaic flavour since he not infrequently commends the candidate with the aid of a comparison drawn from one of the heroic figures of antiquity. His orations are always written and delivered in Latin (with a translation provided for the assistance of his hearers). Latin suits the dignity of the occasion, and as Dr. Luce stated in the Preface to his first published selection 'has the advantage of being much richer than English in laudatory terms.'

'Much of what was greatest in human achievement over the last generation is represented in these eighty-five orations. Great heroes of political change such as Nelson Mandela and Mikhail Gorbachev are here, as are the first women Presidents of Ireland.

There are scientists whose discoveries have greatly enhanced the quality of human life, business leaders whose skill and initiative helped shape an unparalleled economic boom internationally and in Ireland, writers, artists, and thinkers whose creative genius and intellectual power have advanced the non-material aspects of our lives. And there are a great many more who have contributed to Irish life and to Trinity College in vital and admirable ways.' - From the Introduction by Provost Mitchell.
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